Ottawa's guitar repair shop

Price List

Weston Instruments is a full service shop. Wether you're looking for a simple fret dress, or a new top for your acoustic, it all gets done here. It is impossible to have a complete price list, so please enquire if you're looking for something that isn't listed here.

The shop is a distributor for the following product lines:

Seymour Duncan, K&K pickups, Planet Waves, D'Addario, Elixir, AllParts, BlazeMusic (tone-pros, Floyd Rose, etc.). Parts are only sold in conjuction with services.

This is a list of our most comonly performed services. As you have seen on this website, almost anything can be done at Weston Instruments. If the service you are looking for is not listed here, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Guitar Strings:

D'Addario XL series: 7$ a set

D'Addario EJ series, acoustic strings: 9$ a set

Elixir Electric: 17$ a set

Elixir Acoustic: 22$ a set

Bass guitar Strings: Please enquire

Strings and parts can only be sold in conjunction with my services

Standard / Studio Setup:

Click here for details on setups

Bench rate: 100$/h

Minimum bench charge: 75$

Electric guitar: 110$
Electric guitar with floating bridge: 160$
Acoustic instruments: 110$


Pickup installation and electronics:

Electronics works is billed by the hour, at 95$/h. Over the years, I have found this to be the fairest way to manage this type of work. Most common elecronics tasks can be completed within one hour at the bench. Things like swapping pickups, pots and switches. Of course, custom wiring, and working in semi-hollow and hollow electric guitars are more time consuming projects. An estimate will always be given to you before any work is started, and you can contact me via email beforehand if you would like an estimate on electronics work.


Fretwork is now done with the assistance of a Plek machine, this allows perfect action to be achieved, since all distortions caused by string tension are levelled out. Frets are then finished to 3600G. A fret dress done in this fashion is 250$, which includes a complete setup. A jewel finish is available, price depends on the fret size and material.


Refret prices vary, depending on the condition of the specimen at hand. Several books could be written on the subject, and no factors set a constant difficulty level. As an example, an old Les Paul Custom, with a worn ebony fingerboard and binding, will be more time consuming to refret than a maple board strat from the '70's, even if refinishing is involved. When it comes to vintage instruments, there are many variables that will affect the time required to achieve the same result as on a recent instrument, and the price will vary, based on those factors. Things like a vintage T bar Martin, or a Gibson with truss rod limitations are an example of these factors. An estimate will be provided when you bring such an instrument in for a refret. If you are interested in a refret as an upgrade, or are simply in need of new frets, please contact me for pricing. I work with all fret materials and sizes.

Complete restoration and Finish work:

Quoted on a per job basis. Please bring in you guitar for an estimate

Nuts and Saddles ( add material cost to theses prices):

Guitar, Bass, banjo and mandolin nuts: 100$
Installation of pre-fabricated nut: 15$ *This must be accomplished at the same time as a setup in order to properly adjust the new nut*

Acoustic instrument saddles: 60$
Compensated acoustic instrument saddles: 100$

Structural repairs, Vintage Restorations, customizations:

Please, bring in your guitar for an estimate. I have extensive experience in complex repairs, vintage restorations and customizations, but these projects are all different and prices can vary greatly. You can see some samples of these works on my Facebook Page. If the project requires an in depth review in order to estimate the work, a 30$ fee will apply.